Book Swap is a volunteer run community service, where you can sell the books your student used last year to students who will need them this year. Only books that will be reused are listed. 

If you are listing a book, please make sure to double check the ISBN number.   Please use “Other” for classes like Business, Art, Test Prep, Athletic Training and Summer Reading. 

BEFORE LISTING A BOOK, please watch the 3 minute YouTube video. In order to be able to mark your book as sold after you sell it or change your price, YOU WILL NEED TO SAVE THE  URL WHEN YOU LIST YOUR BOOK. This is explained in the YouTube video! And directions are listed in the website AFTER you finish listing your book. Please don’t miss this important step.

If you are buying a book, please make sure to check the ISBN number when you pick up the book and cross reference it with the required books listed on the Hinsdale Central website. Only books that will be reused are listed, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to check the book for accuracy.



• Lynn Hare