Families Helping Families

The Families Helping Families began in 2006 when a Hinsdale Central High School (HCHS) family was found in a desperate situation. Then PTO Co-President Lisa Stafford was alerted by HCHS social workers of the situation. The PTO mobilized to help supply the family with food, clothing, and emergency supplies, but the support didn't end there. A new PTO committee was formed, Families Helping Families (FHF)

Over the years FHF have been able to successfully help numerous families in crisis and the situations are hard to believe with students at HCHS that cannot afford to buy lunch, books, supplies, a sports physical, a computer to do homework, or club dues. Some go to school hungry because their parents cannot afford to purchase groceries or put gas in the car. There have been families that cannot afford a dentist, warm winter coats, and the bare necessities. 

Generous Donations Over the Years Include:

  • Food, food baskets
  • Gift cards (gas, food, medicine, clothing, and supplies)
  • Warm clothing and boots
  • Backpacks
  • Calculators
  • New printers
  • Used laptops
  • Gas money -so struggling parents could get to work
  • Complete Thanksgiving dinners -to families without means
  • Required medical exams paid for -so children could attend high school
  • School sponsored band trip fee  
  • Food baskets including a gift certificate -The Hinsdale Adventist Women's Ministry
  • Pro bono dental work 
  • Transportation to chemotherapy appointments

Consider making a donation of gift cards (Jewel, Walmart, Target), cash, or checks (payable to HCHS PTO). Any amount is helpful and we open our committee to all who would like to help, including those who are not HCHS families but may have a philanthropic interest. We are fully funded by such generous donations. 

When we are called to action, time is of the essence and the more people who come forward, the easier the task. Please join us by contacting fhf@hcpto.org. Thank you for your consideration and generosity!

2015-17 Families Helping Families Co-Chairs:
Sandy Lagestee
Maria McGann


"We have helped provide transportation for medical services like chemotherapy appointments.  Or take the single parent who worked and whose car caught fire -- having no financial means of replacing it.  We are doing good deeds.  We are able to quickly intervene to help minimize serious crises faced by good families trying to do their best."  said Holinger.