Red Devil Spirit Scholarship

The Hinsdale Central PTO will award $1,000 scholarships to 10 selected graduating seniors to help them meet the expenses of their first year of college.  Candidates will be chosen based on financial need, a list of activities you are involved in at Central, and a typed 500 word personal statement describing what you love about being a Red Devil and what Red Devil characteristics you will bring to your college experience. 
Applicants are not restricted as to the school they choose to attend nor is there a minimum GPA requirement.  All applicants must be enrolled full time at the school of their choice to receive the scholarship.  All scholarships will be paid directly to the recipient, once proof of full time enrollment at a college or university has been provided to the PTO Treasurer.  PTO Red Devil Spirit Scholarship recipients will be recognized at the Senior Scholarship Program. We will not be mentioning financial need at the awards ceremony.
      Please complete this application in full!  Make sure you fill out and return pages 2 through 7. Include any special financial circumstances or information that the committee should consider.  If you have completed a FAFSA, please make sure it is attached to this application. If not, please provide proof of financial need. All applications are considered anonymously to protect your privacy.  It is essential that you fully describe circumstances that you feel make you eligible for a scholarship.
Applications that are not typed and fully completed will be ineligible for consideration. Make sure you fill out and return pages 2 through 7. Please sign and return this application to the Guidance Office by Monday, March 20, 2017.