Red Devil Spirit Scholarship ( formerly "Book Grant Fund")

Since 1976, the Book Grant Fund has provided grants totaling over $495,425 to 739 deserving graduating seniors who, without additional financial aid, might not be able to meet the expenses of their first year of college.

All of this has been made possible through the generous contributions of concerned parents and others within the Hinsdale Central community.

The Hinsdale Central High School PTO adopted the Book Grant Fund in 2010 and the commitment to this project has grown over the years.  

To continue this fine tradition, the Hinsdale Central PTO welcomes a donation of any size for this school year's Red Devil Spirit Scholarship.  Please consider making your tax-deductible donation today and help the PTO provide awards to our new graduating class. Your donation will help make a student’s college dreams a reality. 

To learn more about the Red Devil Spirit Scholarship or submit a donation, please contact:

2016-17 Red Devil Spirit Scholarship Chair:
Kim Anderson, Betsy Bruns